The area where the bison project takes place is part of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, the vast forest and dune area between IJmuiden, Haarlem and Zandvoort. Here many bird species, reptiles, insects including many species of butterflies, and mammals such as fox and pine marten life. In the National Park (3800 hectares) natural grazing takes place due to the efforts of Highland cattle, Shetland ponies, Konik horses and sheep. In addition, fallow deer, roe deer and rabbit are present.

In the Kennemer Dunes, north of the provincial road N200, reddish brown Highland cattle can be seen when wandering around walking or by bike. These animals often have impressive wide outstanding horns. They are a lot smaller in size compared to bison, which have a dark brown color and shorter fur.

Scottish Highland cattle versus European bisonBison can only be admired in the dune area of Kraansvlak. The bison site is located between Overveen and Zandvoort, on the South side of the main road towards the North Sea. The site is more than 300 hectares large and consists of a varied landscape. Open grasslands turn into thicket vegetation and woody areas. In addition, there is a dune lake 'Meertje van Burdet' in Kraansvlak and an open expanse of sand with wind-blown dunes. Since the summer of 2016, also Highland cattle can be seen in Kraansvlak.

Wisent en publiek. Foto: Leo Linnartz

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