Come and visit

Would you like to see the European bison yourself? That's possible! These are your options:

  • Observation point

Next to the largest dune lake of the bison area Kraansvlak. During hot summer days frequently visited by the bison.

- Overview of the bison area with Observation point and Bison Trail clearly indicated
- Detailed map with the route from the visitor centre 'De Kennemerduinen' to the Observation Point

The bison regularly pass the lake to drink water from the little lake near the Observation point. They also often eat acorns under the big oak trees along the fence that goes from the railway tunnel towards the Observation point. Sometimes they can be spotted from this path.

  • Bison Trail

A walking path within the bison area, marked with yellow capped poles. This trail is closed during the bird breeding season.

- Project brochure includes a map indicating the Bison Trail

As of September 1st until the start of the bird breeding season on March 1st the Bison Trail is open to visitors on a daily base between sunrise and sunset.

At 'by yourself' some important rules are mentioned which visitors should take into account. In addition, information boards are present at the entrances and exits of the Bison trail. You are more than welcome to walk the trail, and with some luck, to get the magnificent bison in sight, with a distance between you and the animals of at least 50 meters!

The bison are regularly spotted from the Duinpieperpad. This is a paved cycling path for recreationists (no cars allowed) located along the western border of the bison area. So in case you can not or do not like to go into the area using the Bison Trail, or the Trail is closed, still you have a chance to see the bison from this path. 

  • Bison excursion in Kraansvlak

Together with a professional guide go look for the bison herd in the Kraansvlak dune area.

Although there is never a hundred percent guarantee that the bison will be spotted during the excursion -they are living in a hilly and over 300 hectares large area- the guide do his / her best to find the animals with you. During the excursion the guide will provide plenty of additional information about the project, the animals and the beautiful area.

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Map Bison Area (ENG)
Karte Wisentgebiet (DU)
Kaart Wisentgebied Kraansvlak (NL)
Kaart naar Wisentenuitkijkpunt
Flyer Wisenten (ENG)
Flyer Wisenten (DU)
Flyer Wisenten (NL)