On a regular base, there are opportunties for students to fulfil their internship at the bison project. Depending on the assignment, you work mainly from the office of PWN in Overveen which is located close to the bison area.

Studying the foraging behavior of the bison has been the focus of many studies during the past years of the project. Each student observes one bison and keeps track of when a bison takes a bite, a step, or undertakes any other activity. Afterwards, these recordings are analyzed and conclusions can be drawn about the degree of food selection compared to other ungulates. The same study is also performed on konik horses and Highland cattle.

Students (bachelor or master) who would like to get involved in the scientific research, can send a motivation letter and resume to Yvonne Kemp:


Internship insects, flora and large grazers

PWN is in search of passionate students for an internship about insect presence and flora richness in relation to large grazers presence in the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. The focus will be on the impact of grazing in different densities to insect groups like butterflies, moths, grasshoppers and flower abundance. The internship must take place in the period from April/May to August/September 2017 and the group of students must work as a team.

Candidate requirements:

  • HBO (2nd year or further) or Msc students Biology, Ecology, Environmental sciences or studies that cover basic knowledge about the research topic.
  • Responsible, able to work in a team as well as independent and willing to learn.
  • Able to perform statistical analysis.

Additional skills:

  • Knowledge on entomology and sampling methods.
  • Knowledge on the mentioned entomofauna groups and flora present in the dunes will be considered valuable.
  • Knowledge on GIS, SPSS or R software.

Interested students can send their cover letter and resume to