June 5, 2007

Wisents spotted on 1001-species-day

Every year a 1001-species-day is held in many nature reserves. Guides and experts are present to help the visitors spot as many species as possible. This year also the viewpoint Kraansvlak participated in the event. Besides numerous birds, dragonflies and a sand lizard, the wisents made their appearance as well.

Shortly after noon the animals approached and walked right into the water. To begin with they drank water, but then they started eating heartily from the reed on the border. After an hour they decided it was enough and disappeared into the dunes grazing all the time. Until about two o’clock they remained visible now and then, grazing the dune area or picking at elder and hawthorn.

Since visitors were coming and going all the time, dozens of people have had the opportunity to see the wisents. Particularly through the telescopes set up at the viewpoint the animals could be watched perfectly.


Wisentenuitzichtpunt. Foto: Leo Linnartz