July 17, 2013

And the winner is…

PWN had a stand at the summer festival of National Park Kennemerduinen on July 7th to inform visitors about the bison. Interested visitors could participate in finding a good name for the recently born calf. More than hundred participants entered a name which had to start with Ne (for Netherlands). This has to do with the pedigree of the bison in which it would be entered. The team chose the name Nevaya, entered by Jolene Wijker. As a prize, she is allowed to go and see the animals from close-up under supervision of a forester with five other guests. Congratulations!

The Bison Trail is closed until further notice due to the long calving season this year. No less than six calves have been born in the last few weeks. A record! The trail is closed to not disturb the mothers and calves. The rest of the yellow marked trail is opened as usual from July 1st. Hikers wanting to walk the entire route are redirected to the Duinpieperpath. As soon as the trail is reopened, it will be made public on this site and via social media. Then you are more than welcome to visit the bison territory again and maybe see a herd of 24 bison pass at an appropriate distance!


Bisoncalf with mother. Photo: Ruud Maaskant