March 19, 2013

Bison in good shape

Before the official start of spring, the annual check-up of the animals was done. Under the supervision of veterinarian Mark Hoyer, the animals were checked to see how their health was affected by this winter. In general the conclusion was very positive. Their condition did somewhat diminish in the last months, but considering the time of year they were looking well. When the temperatures start rising in spring and the grass starts growing, they can feast on lush new grass again.

The bison have been spotted in smaller subgroups lately and that was the same during the check-up. The adult bull roamed the terrain on its own and let the visitors have a good look at him from the viewing point. All in all a good day to be in the field with fallow deer leaping through the field and foxes basking in the wintery sun.

The bison are observed on a weekly basis. Foresters see the animals periodically on their routes and if there are students doing research, their social and feeding behaviour is carefully monitored.


Wisenten in het Kraansvlak 2013. Foto: Ruud Maaskant