January 16, 2013

Bison to see from path and to follow via social media

The new year started well for the bison in Kraansvlak and for their visitors. The first weeks after the opening of the wisentenpad, the herd has scarcely been seen in the surroundings of the path. Lately however, they are seen very often in the area. During christmas holidays, many visitors which walked on the path could see the animals from there. The herd does not seem to mind the extra attention at all!

Visitors which see the herd are offered great views, especially as a nice layer of snow has fallen recently (picture Ruud Maaskant – ranger PWN). The animals are doing very well, even since it got a bit colder the past days. It is not without reason that they are ‘equipped’ with a thick coat which also stands out beautifully in the winterly dune landscape.

There is other good news to mention; from this month forward the bison can be followed via social media! So stay informed of new nature news about our bison via twitter and facebook.


Wisent in sneeuwlandschap. Foto: Ruud Maaskant