February 14, 2013

Many visitors check out the bison

Many visitors have gone for a walk in bison territory the last few months. The last half year of 2012, more than 500 visitors have been on an excursion in Kraansvlak. Most of them went on bison excursion looking for the herd with one of the foresters of PWN. The forester informs people about the bison and the project in general, but also points out the other animals and plants in the area. They gladly answer any questions that visitors may have and turn the excursion into an adventurous nature expedition. There are also special tours for photographers available. See www.np-zuidkennemerland.nl for more information.

Another way to watch the bison in their habitat is to walk the Bison Trail. More than 1600 hikers have walked the trail since the opening in the beginning of last November. Visitors can walk the trail without a guide, but certain rules must be obtained. Information panels have been placed on both entrances for this purpose. Enthusiastic volunteers are mostly around to answer questions you might have as a visitor. Because you are a guest in bison territory, the most important rule is to have respect for the flora and fauna. If the bison are not around, the beautiful landscape can be enjoyed.

The Bison Trail is open until March 1st. Then it will be closed for the breeding season for birds. This leaves you with two more weeks to walk the trail in the magnificent world of the bison.


Wisentenexcursie. Foto: Leo Linnartz