September 10, 2013

Reopening Bison Trail Kennemerland

On Sunday September 18th, the Bison Trail will be reopened. Foresters and volunteers of the bison project will be present to provide information about the project and the bison to the public.

The Bison Trail makes it possible to watch the only herd of bison in Dutch nature, a unique possibility. The trail is for hikers only, marked with yellow posts and has a length of about 1,4 kilometers. Visitors are welcomed daily to walk the trail. It is open to the public only between sunrise and sunset to respect the needs and territory of the animals.

The Bison Trail can be reached from the Duinpieperpath, a hike and cycle trail in the dunes to the east of the Zandvoort boulevard. Visitors are informed of the rules and behaviour towards the animals by special signs at the beginning of the trail. The entrance is free. Trained volunteers regularly walk the trail to inform the hikers. The trail will be closed on March 1st 2014 in regard of the breeding season for birds.

Managers of nature and project partners PWN and ARK Natuurontwikkeling introduced the bison into Kraansvlak in 2007 to study if they can play a part in keeping the dunes from overgrowing. The project is conducted with substantial scientific research because only little is known about the bison and their ecology in Western Europe. No less than six calves have been born in the herd this year. It is a sign that the animals are doing fine.

You are more than welcome to come and walk the Bison Trail.


Bison check out the Bison Trail. Photo: Ruud Maaskant