November 4, 2014

Bison to be followed via social media

Most updates about the bison project at Kraansvlak can be found at our special social media pages. Messages are usually given in Dutch as well as in English so please stay updated via our social media on twitter and facebook!

Normally we are also able to show the positions of the bison at this website. Recently the collar that passes these positions has been dropped off. See below how this was managed without even coming close to the animal:

Using collars enables us to perform research, to find the herd, and follow their positions online. These devices are very important in our daily job to find the animals in order to run research, to have an idea where they can be when we offer an excursion, or let you see where they are through our website. Besides, long term data collected by these collars is used to know more about the bison ecology in the dunes of Kraansvlak (f.i. habitat preference, activity pattern, etc.). Unfortunately, to fit a GPS collar on an European bison can not be done remotely, therefore we apologize for not being able to show the position of the animals in this website for the coming time. We will do our best to show you the bison positions again as soon as possible!


Bison with gps collar. Photo: Ruud Maaskant