April 7, 2014

Spring in Kraansvlak

The spring has begun in Kraansvlak. The grasses still need some time to start growing, but the Creeping willow is budding and leaves of the poplar and spindle tree are unfolding rapidly. The hawthorn is blooming with flowers, which creates a beautiful and odorous scene. The relatively high temperatures send the bison scrubbing against trees to help shed their winter fur. Furthermore it is buzzing with insects, making the bison take sand baths more frequently.

During warm days in spring a refreshing dip in the lake makes a welcome change to walking through the dry landscape of the dunes. Last week a part of the herd was crossing the lake with the water up to their belly. The younger bison took a less direct route, but also came out with wet legs. At the same time, the herd of konik horses came for a drink. It was a magnificent sight accompanied by birds singing their songs.

It is an exciting time. Which bison and koniks will be pregnant? We will keep you updated!


Wisent in het water. Foto: Esther Rodriguez