January 14, 2015

Brand new website includes actual positions bison

The new year started with a brand new website with information about the unique Dutch bison project in Kraansvlak. The former website has been used from the start of the project in 2007 and it was time for a new and more user-friendly and attractive web environment.

With the launch of the new website the actual positions of the bison herd are shown again. This enables you to check online where exactly the bison are roaming. And it makes it possible to indicate from which site chances are highest to see the animals.

There are several options to see the bison. These include the observation point near the lake which usually gives magnificent views on birdlife also, and the very special Bison Trail, unique in its kind in a European bison area. The trail can be used until the 1st of March. Then it will close temporarily during the bird breeding season.

Another option to see the bison is to go on an excursion in which rangers will guide you into the bison area Kraansvlak.


Bison. Photo: Ruud Maaskant