February 19, 2015

Last week to use Bison Trail

Until and including Sunday March 1st, hikers can use the Bison trail in the Kennemer Dunes in Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. This trail is unique in the Netherlands because only here it is possible to see bison in Dutch nature.

Since 2007 a herd of bison live in the wild nature of Kraansvlak. Visitors are welcome to use the Bison trail on their own between sunrise and sunset. The chance for visitors to see the bison herd is quite high. The Bison trail runs through a beautiful hilly dune landscape overlooking wet dune valleys and dynamic sand dunes. During the walk respect for bison, Konik horses and other wildlife is key. Click here for the trail and more information.

The Bison trail is only to be used by hikers. The trail passes through soft sand and is marked with yellow capped poles and has a total length of 3 kilometers. It is accessible from Duinpieperpad, which lies east of the beach promenade of Zandvoort, or via the Boulevard along the sea. At the entrances of the trail visitors are informed about access and guidelines through special information panels. In addition, information about the bison project is indicated. After March 1st the Bison trail is temporarily closed due to the bird breeding season.

In 2007 PWN and ARK Nature brought a group of bison to Kraansvlak. The bison herd has since then grown from 6 to 19 animals. Annually calves are born in spring and summer. Kraansvlak is also home to roe deer, fallow deer, Konik horses and smaller animals such as foxes and rabbits.


Bison in Kraansvlak dune area. Photo: Ruud Maaskant