July 21, 2016

Bulls fully integrated in bison herd

The French bulls that have been released into their new home at the end of June, have met the herd in Kraansvlak within a day. Ever since, both bulls are part of the herd that is now formed by sixteen individuals. Meanwhile, the bulls are with the herd for nearly a month now and it is clear they have been fully taken up by the herd as new members.

The past month clearly showed the new arrivals adapted well to their new conditions. They are moving around with the herd, and display the same behaviours as the rest of the herd. Also the bulls have shed their winter coat completely, good timing considering the current warm summer days. The first weeks, a lot of social interactions within the herd has been noticed which is performed in order to clear up the new hierarchy status. A bison pushes an opponent with his head to make up which one is strongest. We often see this kind of behaviour when young bison of similar age are displaying it playfully.

The picture shows both French bulls (left), of which one is ‘fighting’ with a young bull born in 2015 in Kraansvlak. The French bulls are older which can be clearly seen from their size. 


Franse stieren in Kraansvlak kudde. Fotograaf: Ruud Maaskant