August 4, 2016

New: Horseback safari through bison territory

To be booked from now on: an exclusive horseback safari through the bison area, Kraansvlak, in the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland.

PWN offers in cooperation with stable De Baarshoeve, the opportunity to skilled riders to experience an exclusive tour on horseback, accompanied by a ranger (also on horseback). During this excursion, it is possible to spot bison in the Kraansvlak. During the ride, the PWN-ranger tells all about the project, the area where European bison lives and the specific flora and fauna to be found in the Kraansvlak.

Uniquely, this excursion takes place in an area that is largely closed to the public. We get off the track during the tour and partly through loose sand. Besides bison, there are also Konik horses, Scottish Highland cattle and other herbivores in this particular area. All these large herbivores can be even observed better on horseback at walking pace.
The tour is guided by an experienced ranger of PWN. An instructor of stable De Baarshoeve also takes part in the equestrian safari to supervise horses' behaviour.
However, certain conditions are required to join this horseman safari. Only experienced riders and horses who regularly make rides outside, may participate in this horseback excursion. If it appears that the rider has too little skills, the organization has the right to exclude the rider from participating in the excursion.
For conditions and additional information see here.

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