October 12, 2017

Special edition 'Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap'

This year it has been ten years ago that the first European bison have been released in Kraansvlak, part of National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. Because of this occasion, a special edition focusing on European bison has been published in Dutch magazine 'Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap'.

In 2007 the bison arrived in Kraansvlak. During the years leading to this special moment, much efforts have been undertaken by organisations Kritisch Bosbeheer, PWN, Duinbehoud, ARK Nature and others. The history of the project can be read here.

Introducing bison in the dune area Kraansvlak, served several purposes: to combat shrub and grass encroachment, gaining experiences and knowledge about management, ecology, interaction with other mammalian herbivores, and coexistence with people recreating. Throughout the years the project has contributed to the conservation of this still endangered species. 

The special edition of the magazine focuses on all these aspects and more, starting with a European wide view onwards to the interaction with people. The magazine is in Dutch but there are plenty of images and graphs to grasp information from of ten years of European bison in Kraansvlak, see Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap.

Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap, wisentspecial




Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap Wisentspecial


Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap, wisentspecial