• The bison in Kraansvlak are the subject of many research lines. The use of GPS-GSM collars enables us to know in which part of the hilly terrain the animals are located. The data gathered by using these collars is therefore very important in the studies about their habitat use and the impact of the bison on the dune area. Below you can see how we drop the collar from an animal. 

  • An impression of the bison in their Kraansvlak territory, published by project partner ARK Nature.


  • A wallowing bison captured on camera. See these unique images below.

  • The next day a cow followed by two calves of less then a month old came along. A little spooky such a camera..

  • The beautiful movie 'A new acquintance with wisents' is now fully available online. The movie has been made by Dick Harrewijn, and gives a good impression of the life of the wisents in Kraansvlak.

  • Research by students 
    Students are involved in the bison research throughout the year. Every student observes one bison and records when a bison takes a bite, move a foot, or undertakes any other activity. Afterwards the recordings are analysed and result in statements about the food selectivity of bison compared to other ungulates. Similar research is taking place with Scottish Highland cattle in an adjacent dune area.


  • From April 25th the movie 'A new acquintance with wisents' made by Dick Harrewijn can be seen in visitor centre De Zandwaaier in Overveen. Here an impression of the beautiful images that are shot during the winter of 2010. 


  • In late summer and autumn of 2008, students Linde Veldhoen and Renee Norman made several movies of the bison.

    The bison in dune area Kraansvlak near Zandvoort often take good care of their fur. Usually you can see them wallowing sideways through sand, but this time their head and neck are the focus of attention.

  • Two young bison in Kraansvlak are making up who is in charge.

  • A bison walks uphill a dune.

  • The bison herd standing in a dune valley of Kraansvlak.


  • April 24th, setting the bison free in their new home Kraansvlak.

  • In the preparatory phase of the Dutch bison project, the team is in search of bison tracks in the Polish primeval forest of Bialowieza.

  • Bison in the Polish primeval forest of Bialowieza.