Where are they?

Some bison are fitted with GPS-collars. In the map below you can check the chances to spot the bison. The GPS location will become visible in the map when the animals are in the vicinity of any of the places where they can be spotted according to the guidelines of the area.

During Bison Trail season (1 September to 1 March) public is requested to stay on the Bison Trail to not disturb the flora and fauna present in the area. This part of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park is designated as resting area for fauna and flora present in this Natura 2000 protected area. Leaving the path will have negative consequences for the research carried out into the diverse ecological aspects of the bison, vegetation and several animals that live in this area. It is not allowed to wander around in the bison area. We strongly advise our visitors to stay on the path and follow the guidelines.