By yourself

Visitor Centre De Kennemerduinen

The visitor centre De Kennemerduinen is a good starting point for a hike to the bison area.

In the visitor centre you can find additional information about the bison project. The staff can provide you with information how you can reach the bison area from the visitor centre.

From the visitor centre a walking trail can be followed to the Observation point at the bison area Kraansvlak. The bison regularly pass the lake to drink water near the Observation point. They also often  eat acorns under the big oaks along the fence by the path from the railway tunnel towards the Observation point. Sometimes they can be spotted from this path.

Click here for directions and opening hours.


Bison Trail

The Bison Trail is a walking route through the bison area marked with yellow capped poles. The trail is closed during the bird breeding season.

On the map you can find the Bison trail which is opened from September 1st to March 1st. The yellow marking in the shaded area shows the trail and both its entrances/exits. Along the trail yellow capped poles indicate the trail. At both entrances/exits information boards are present. The trail is about 3 kilometres in length and includes parts of loose sand. Even if you are not using the Bison trail the animals can sometimes be seen from the bike path that is located on the northwest side of the bison area. 

  • Please pay attention to the following guide lines if you wish to use the Bison Trail:

Since 2007 wild living bison live in Kraansvlak. This is the first area with bison in Dutch nature. Alongside the bison, konik horses and highland cattle live here. All these herbivores are not pet animals. When not respectfully treated and left in peace they can be dangerous and potentially harm you. Respect the animals and do not disturb them.

Runners and dogs are not allowed, not even on a leash.
Stay calm and treat the animals with respect

  1. Do not feed the animals
  2. Keep your curiosity in check and do not follow the animals
  3. Let the animals choose their route undisturbedly and give them space
  4. Keep a distance of at least 50 metres
  5. Turn and walk back when the animals are on the path or walk towards you. Do not cross the herds. 
  6. Keep away from young animals, all large grazers protect their young.
  7. Stay on the path in order to prevent disturbing flora and fauna as much as possible


Map Bison Area (ENG)
Karte Wisentgebiet (DU)
Kaart Wisentgebied Kraansvlak (NL)
Kaart naar Wisentenuitkijkpunt
Flyer Wisenten (ENG)
Flyer Wisenten (DU)
Flyer Wisenten (NL)