August 1, 2007

Hurrah: a calf is born

From Poland we heard the good news that our pregnant bison cow had given birth to a healthy calf. Their Polish care takers were not yet able to tell if it is a male or female calf. Both mother and calf appear to be in good health. This autumn she will be travel to the Netherlands together with her calf and another full grown bison cow. In the mean time, her calf can grow large enough to be transported. In April both cows couldn't be transported because of the advanced pregnancy of one of them. Later this year they will come to Holland and will be rejoined with the other European bison.

Wisent on Dutch radio

On Sunday July the 22nd were on the Dutch radio program Vara's Vroege Vogels. The Wednesday before reporter Joost Huizinga visited the vantage point at Kraansvlak. The wisents gave quite a show. On the website of Vara's Vroege Vogels you can see some of the photos taken that day.

Spotted a bison? Please send us a mail.

Regularly the European bison are spotted in the Kraansvlak area. Not only foresters and students investigating the animals see them, but also many visitors are able to see the bison from the vantage point or the trail. If you have seen the European bison while visiting the area, we would like to hear this from you. Please send an email to and write down your experience: when did you see them, what were the animals doing, did they stand in the water, could you see what they were eating, etc. We and our students would like to receive your observations in order to complete the data we collected ourselves. Thanks for your cooperation.


Wisent in het Kraansvlak 2009. Foto: Leo Linnartz