May 15, 2007

Viewpoint wisents officially opened

With the coming of three wisents (on 24 April) to our natural area the Kraansvlak, the Netherlands has got a new challenge: trying to catch a glimpse of the wisents. That is why we have created a special viewpoint on the edge of the socalled Lake of Andriesen. It is the sole watering place the wisents have in their new habitat. From here you have a magnificent view of almost the entire lake and its borders. The wisents have already discovered this spot, as was shown by the transmitter data: around midnight they had their first draughts of Dutch water. Especially in hot weather the wisents are staying near the dune lake. With a bit of luck they can be watched from the viewpoint then.

On 25 April Piet Veel, manager Nature and Recreation of PWN, and Wouter Helmer, director of ARK Nature Development and owner of the wisents, together unveiled a board informing the visitors about the project. With this performance the viewpoint was officially opened. The opening was followed by a modest glass of vodka. Among the people who raised their glasses was Ruud Lardinois from Kritisch Bosbeheer, one of the persons involved in the project from the very beginning. Like true stars, the wisents did not show up. A good reason to return often to this lovely spot and take up the challenge.  


Opening Wisentenuitzichtpunt. Foto: Leo Linnartz