August 13, 2009

A fourth wisent calf has been born!

In the Dutch national park Zuid-Kennemerland for wisent calves were born this summer. They were the first calves to be born in the wild since in april 2007 several wisent were released in a small nature reserve. The calves show that the wisent herd is doing well in the dunes of the Dutch national park Zuid-Kennemerland. All adult wisent cows gave birth this year. And a few months later the wisent bull showed much interest in all the females, including the two year old cow, who did not yet gave birth to a calve. All calves turned out to be female.

Even with young calves in the group, the wisent cows and bull remained relaxed throughout the summer. They did not show any sign of agression towards the rangers and fieldobservers, nor did they avoid human contact. As a curiosity, the bull remained seperate from the cows and calves for almost 2 months, but rejoined the group after the females went in heat. As a result of the relaxed attitude of the wisent, many excursions for the interested public could be held in late summer.


4 calves and 2 mothers. Photo: Ruud Maaskant