May 28, 2009

Hurrah! Two new-born wisent calves!

Hurrah! This week two new wisent calves were born at the Kraansvlak area. An event unique to the Netherlands, because it is the first time that we see wild-born wisent calves here. The sex of the newborns is unknown yet. The two mothers and their children are doing fine. When delivery was nearing they had separated themselves from the herd, but now they have joined the group again together with their young. The bull is staying away from the herd at the moment. The herd has 8 members now.

On 26 May the foresters discovered the little ones for the first time. They think there is a difference of one or two days between the two births. One calf is a little bit larger and darker in colour than the other one.

All the external characteristics of the adult wisents can be found already in the little ones.
The NOS Young People’s News Show had the scoop and covered the news event on Wednesday 27 May. Forester Ruud Maaskant shot the first photos on Wednesday 27 May.


Bison calves 2009. Photo: Ruud Maaskant