May 13, 2013

Early baby-boom this year

After the delightful news of the birth of the first bison calf last week, there is more news from the herd. A second calf is born!

This young cow is born on Ascension Day. The mother is the cow that lost a calf last year. She does a wonderful job caring for the young animal. This is good news and also very interesting: normally the cows in Kraansvlak only have a calve every other year. The time of the year in which the calves are born is also curious. Never before has the baby-boom started this early in the season. With the newcomers, the herd has come to a total of 17 animals.

This is the same size as the herd of konik horses. The first foal this year was born in April. The young stallion was followed by two mares.


Bisoncalf drinking. Photo: Ruud Maaskant