May 23, 2013

French blood for bison Kraansvlak

Three bison bulls from the nature reserve Réserve Biologique des Monts d'Azur in the south of France are introduced to Kraansvlak on May 22nd. The French bulls will bring new blood into the herd at Kraansvlak. The project started with three bison from Poland, which adapted quickly to their new habitat. PWN and ARK Natuurontwikkeling are confident about the integration of the new animals.

Double nationality

The herd of bison in Kraansvlak until recently only had one mature bull. He is the father of thirteen bison in Kraansvlak. His daughters will have offspring themselves, but rather not with their own father. Therefore, three unrelated bulls of three and four years of age have been introduced. It is to be expected that the daughters of the Polish bull will procreate with the French bulls in the near future and start a new branch in the pedigree. This is not only good news for the herd of Kraansvlak, but for the species as a whole. It is still considered an endangered species.

In good health

The three French bulls had to meet up to several conditions before they could start their journey to the dunes of the Netherlands. They had to be tested on TBC and Brucellosis and vaccinated against Babesiosis. This disease is found in our country to be carried by tics. This is in contrast to the high grounds of France where tics are very rare. The bulls have been released temporarily in a separate part of the park to get adjusted. This has a veterinarian purpose but they can also be more easily observed by the foresters and researchers. The newcomers are comfortably exploring their new surroundings. They have tasted the hawthorn and birch and taken their first sand bath. They will be released to the larger part in June where they can meet up with the herd.

Also three calves have been born in Kraansvlak this month. Together with the three bulls from France, the herd now consists of twenty-one animals.


Wisenten lopen het gebied in. Foto: Ruud Maaskant