August 20, 2013

New: group excursions to the bison of Kraansvlak

Looking for an interesting and exclusive outing with the company, department, organisation, friends or family? From September until December 2013, you can book an excursion to see the bison with a group of up to 15 persons. The forester will accompany you into Kraansvlak. A herd of bison is living here in the wild since 2007. You will be informed about these magnificent animals, of which only 3200 animals are alive in the wild today. Most of these can be found in Eastern Europe (Poland and Ukraine).

These group excursions will only take place on Fridays starting at two different times: 10:00h and 14:00h. The excursion will last for about two hours. The costs vary from €200,- to €300,- depending on the size of the group.

Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance via or via email to

Apart from the group excursions, it is still possible to attend one of the open excursions on several Saturdays. For more information see


Bison observation point. Photo: Leo Linnartz