April 17, 2013

Oldest bison cow dies

The oldest cow of the herd died at the beginning of this week. She was watched more closely as her condition diminished in comparison to the rest of the herd. Her fat reserves were less, but that is normal during a long winter period. There were no visible signs that she was suffering. The day that she was found, autopsy was performed by the veterinarian. We hope the research of the samples that were taken bring out more information about the death of this cow. It was obvious during the dissection that she was not malnourished. The stomachs were full with well-digested food.

The cow has reached the respectable age of fourteen years and left three daughters and a son in Kraansvlak. The three youngest have been born at Kraansvlak and are therefore officially Dutch bison.


Bisoncalf with mother. Photo: Esther Rodriguez