March 6, 2014

Bison bull dies

One of the bulls has died earlier this week. The animal was getting in worse shape in a short period of time, while the overall shape of the herd is good for the time of year.

The bison and konik horses in Kraansvlak are being watched more closely during the wintertime. As usual, the animals will have less fat reserves in this season. With the coming spring and sprouting grasses in sight they will be able to eat plentiful once more.

Meanwhile the dead bull has been dissected. We hope that it will give more insight in the bad shape and cause of death of the deceased animal. It had a stomach full of fibrous food. During winter, bison feed on more fibrous parts of plants. They, for example, peel the bark of sycamore trees. But furthermore, they feed on grasses for the larger part of their diet.


Wisentstier. Foto: Leo Linnartz