June 17, 2014

Summer break in the dunes?

Whereas the herd of konik horses welcomed a foal in May, the bison seem to take it slow. The entire herd is calmly ruminating in the valley on a summer afternoon in June. They are still in moult and pieces of winter fur are hanging from their backs. This can change fairly quickly when the temperature rises and they start scrubbing themselves against the trees to get rid of the last pieces of fur.

Meanwhile the koniks have three foals. The latest newcomer is a stallion. This brings the number of animals in the herd to ten individuals. The frolicking youngsters will keep the herd busy. If the bison will also welcome new members to the herd remains to be seen. The calving season is not over yet!


Wisentenkudde ligt in het zand te herkauwen. Foto: Esther Rodriguez