December 7, 2015

Relocated bulls are doing well

Last August two bulls out of the Kraansvlak bison herd have been moved to Spanish bison projects. Both are sons of the Polish bull that fathered a great number of offspring in Kraansvlak. In order to decrease the risk of inbreeding between animals born in Kraansvlak, the two oldest bulls have been relocated. Each was transported to another bison area in Spain. 

Before translocating the bulls, many preparations have taken place by project partners ARK Nature and PWN. The bulls have been separated from the herd awaiting results from veterinary analyses. The results were fine, the bulls were doing very well and therefore in August they could leave to their new nature areas. One of them went to Atapuerca, the other to Bonar. The translocation of these animals to their new environments has been agreed beforehand with the European Bison Conservation Center (EBCC). Transport was arranged by Joep van de Vlasakker of Flaxfield Nature Consultancy. 

Recently a last update has been received together with the attached picture of one of the Kraansvlak bulls. They are both doing well and meanwhile are getting used to new local conditions. We are very much looking forward to future updates to hear if the bulls will father in such a great way their father did in Kraansvlak. The bison herd in Kraansvlak is doing very well and comprises of 22 animals since the relocation of the two bulls to Spain. 


Wisent stier in Bonar, Spanje. Foto: Fernando Moran