April 11, 2017

On horseback through bison territory

As of this month, special equestrian safaris are available in the dunes of Kraansvlak. Accompanied by an experienced guide and ranger you will enjoy the beautiful nature on horseback.

The Kraansvlak is traditionally closed for public. But, several times a year guided tours by foot are organised in this dune area. This not only gives people a good chance to see bison, but also konik horses and Scottish Highland cattle - placed only last year in the area – that roam these dunes together. The Kraansvlak covers a total area of about 330 hectares.

Apart from these Bison walks and the use of the Bison Trail (outside the bird breeding season), now it is again possible to book a horseback safari. Last year a pilot took place and the response from the participants was overwhelming: "great experience, very nice riding through nature," or "beautiful, adventurous ride in the dunes, with gorgeous landscape" and "very beautiful that this is possible, thanks! ".

Ruitersafari in het Kraansvlak

Traditionally, large herbivores such as cattle, horses, deer and roe deer play an indispensable role in the Kraansvlak landscape. The combination of these species, including rabbits as well, provide a rich and varied terrain for many other species such as insects, butterflies and dragonflies, birds and area-specific plants. During the horseback tour the ranger (also on horseback) will tell you all about the species that live here, with specific attention to the bison and the bison project.

Interested? Please find more information about group size, costs and bookings (in Dutch) here.


Ruiterexcursie in het Kraansvlak. Foto: Louise Prevot