February 5, 2017

Positions bison not visible

Since 2007 bison live in Kraansvlak and some animals are equipped with a transmitter collar which keeps not of the positions of the herd. These data are very important for being able to monitor the bison. It also provides valuable information for ecological research that takes place here since the start of the project.

Traditionally, Kraansvlak is an area that is closed for public. After the arrival of the first European bison a special viewpoint at the dune lake has been made that enables public the chance to see the bison -when they are near. Also from a number of public trails adjacent to the bison area, it is possible to see the animals. To increase the chance of spotting the bison, the positions coming from the collar are visible on this website. This is very helpful in estimating chances on which side of the bison area it will be most likely to see the bison from outside the enclosed area. Even if one is not around, everyone can still have a look where the bison are roaming around in the dune area. Over the years, we have received numerous positive messages that one appreciates that the website offers this unique feature.

In 2012, a great milestone for the project was achieved by opening the Bison Trail at the Zandvoort side of the bison area. From that year on, people are able to choose to go on one of the regular excursions with a ranger, or go into Kraansvlak using the Trail by yourself. For this we have set a few basic visitor rules that are clearly present at both entrances of the yellow capped poles of the Bison Trail. The use of icons give a clear and quick overview about the rules. In addition, specially made metal books are present to learn more about the project and the animals. On this website the visitor rules are also clearly indicated. Stay on the trail, and always keep a safe distance between you and the animals are two of the eight short lines. The trail is widely used and the bison are spotted regularly, even from outside the fenceline.

Unfortunately, there is a growing number of visitors that do not follow the rules. Despite repeated requests through our website and social media, and informing visitors by our dedicated volunteers at the Bison Trail, and by rangers of area manager PWN. It is not allowed to get off the Bison Trail, and dogs are welcome in other places but not in the bison area. These rules apply for years but apparently there are visitors that think this does not apply to them. In order to regain a tranquil atmosphere for the animals, unfortunately we need to take the positions of the collar offline. We deeply regret to have no other option then to make this decision, especially for all visitors using this enthusiastically and according to the guidelines. Up to and including March 1 the Bison Trail is still open, after which it will temporarily close due to the bird breeding season.