July 5, 2014

Kraansvlak welcomes second generation calf

The first bison calf of 2014 is born at the end of June. Mother and calf are doing well and take part in the herd. The mother herself was born in Kraansvlak in 2009 from Polish parents. The new-born calf is therefore the second generation of bison to grow up in Kraansvlak.

The calf has not been named because the gender is not yet known. As soon as the gender is known, the calf will be added to the official bison pedigree which is kept in Poland.

There are about 5000 European bison in the world of which two-thirds are living in European nature. The European bison is still considered an endangered species so there are still measures to be taken to keep this impressive animal out of the danger-zone. The contribution of the Dutch bison-project is considerable due to the expansion of the herd in Kraansvlak.


Bisoncalf at the water. Photo: Ruud Maaskant