May 22, 2014

New faces in Kraansvlak

It remains to be seen if there will be calves in the bison herd this year. It is an exciting period for it is always a surprise if there will be cows in calf. Due to the slender build of the cows and the relatively small size of the calves when born, it is difficult to determine if the herd will be expanded. This makes the sighting of a little bison in the herd extra special. We are waiting in suspense and will keep you updated.

With the konik horses it is easier to recognize if a new foal is on its way; the enlarged abdomen of the mothers-to-be cannot be missed long before the foal will be born. Meanwhile two foals have been born in Kraansvlak; the first one in the middle of April and the second one early May. The little mare and stallion are doing fine. The koniks will soon welcome another young member to the herd. Something we look forward to.


Konikveulens. Foto: Esther Rodriguez