July 24, 2014

Youngest bison-calf is a female

The bison-calf that is born the end of June is female. The gender was uncertain for a while because the calf spends a lot of time near its mother which weans and grooms her. Also the proximity of the rest of the herd made it difficult to determine the gender of the calf from a distance. Now is established that the newest addition to the herd is the 13th cow-calf born in Kraansvlak. Together with her caring mother, she is part of the Dutch group of wild bison cows.

The last few weeks the bison are roaming the territory, including the new part of their terrain. They often encounter the konik horses, which already welcomed newcomers earlier this year. The bison often visit the lake (‘Meertje van Burdet’) on hot days. There is a good chance that the herd with their little one can be spotted from the nearby lookout-point.


Bisoncalf 2015. Photo: Ruud Maaskant