June 17, 2015

Second calf born in bison herd

At the end of May a second calf in the bison herd of Kraansvlak has been born. Now it is known that both new arrivals are males. The mother of the youngest calf was part of the first group of bison which arrived in Kraansvlak from Poland in 2007. This is her fourth calf which she is raising in the dune area. 

With the arrival of the two calves this Spring the herd now counts 17 animals born here. Together with the animals with Polish origins, the herd size is currently 21. It is still exciting if more calves will be born later this year. Due to the narrow build of European bison cows and the size of calves, which when newborn weigh only circa 30 kilograms, it is often hard to tell if a cow is pregnant. Calving season still continues for another few weeks so we will wait in patience. 

In the meantime during warm weather the bison as well as the konik horses are often seen near the lake. Check out http://www.wisenten.nl/en/where-are-they for the current position of the bison herd.