April 21, 2017

Bison in spotlights April 23

Sunday April 23, the bison project will be showcased in visitor centre De Kennemerduinen in Overveen near Haarlem. It is ten years ago that Europe's largest terrestrial mammal put hooves on the ground in Dutch nature, in dune area Kraansvlak. It was the start of the first European bison project in the Netherlands.

The rangers of project partner as well as nature manager PWN are present this day to tell all about their personal experiences with this impressive still endangered species. Two competitions will start off; one for children, one for adults. Every hour an interesting movie about the European bison, also known as wisent, will start at the visitor centre. In the special bison corner you can find out all you want to know about bison plus you can have a close look at the mighty stuffed bull Podryw. He has been very important to the project and the current herd. Who likes to enjoy a hike can take the freely available Bison chart and stroll using the 'wisent route' to the Observation point.

In Kraansvlak more then 20 calves have been born so far. The project in Kraansvlak actively contributes to the conservation of the species in Europe. From Kraansvlak, bison have been translocated to Spanish nature areas and last year a group of our bison has been moved to nature reserve de Maashorst in the Dutch Province of Brabant. Currently sixteen bison roam around in Kraansvlak. This Spring the birth of calves is expected. 

During this anniversary year more activities will take place including a national as well as international congress for nature managers and scientists. In addition a special publication about the Kraansvlak project will follow later this year. During a public event in Autumn we will close this special celebration year. Information about all activities will follow on this website. 



European bison herd Kraansvlak