April 9, 2014

Kraansvlak loses founding father

The oldest bull in the bison project in Kraansvlak died. The bison-bull, pedigree-name Podryw II, came from Poland to Kraansvlak seven years ago. He was part of the select group of three animals which started the project in 2007. He was the first bison-bull in Dutch nature. A role which he fulfilled splendidly. He has been very important for the project and because of his striking appearance a popular subject to photograph.

The bull lived in Kraansvlak with his cows for seven years, starting the first project with bison living in the wild in the Netherlands. He is the founding father of all of the seventeen calves that have been born so far and thus made a considerable contribution to preserve this very rare species. He has taught ARK Nature, PWN, researchers and trainees much about the social behaviour of bulls and their herd in natural conditions. The first issues with his health started in 2013. He was treated by the herd's regular veterinarian, but never regained the impressive appearance he had before. His age probably played a big part in this.

We expect the legacy of Podryw to become even larger if new calves are born later this spring. As with all the bison, the calves can be seen by the public. First only on guided tours but from September the herd can be encountered from the Bison Trail. The bull will be exhibited as a mounted specimen in the visitor centre where he can be admired from close up.


Wisentstier Podryw. Foto: Leo Linnartz