May 12, 2016

New bison bulls to Kraansvlak herd

On May the 11th 2016, two bison bulls originating from a nature reserve in the south of France have arrived at Kraansvlak, part of National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. The animals of two and three years old will enlarge the herd (14 animals) in this dune area. Project partners PWN and ARK Nature have high hopes that in the near future the bulls will be responsible for fathering many calves.

With the new arrivals, the herd will again include (young) adult bulls. In August 2015, two bulls were translocated from Kraansvlak to Spain. They both were born in Kraansvlak and therefore closely related to most of the other herd members. In order to ensure a socially as well as genetically healthy herd, they were moved to other bison areas. After the succesfull relocation, now was the time to welcome new bulls at Kraansvlak.

The bulls have been prepared for their journey by the French team, and will be monitored intensively the coming weeks by the Kraansvlak team including the veterinarian of the project. A translocation of bison is always quite an enterprise that should be prepared in the best way. Throughout the years, the projectteam of Kraansvlak has gained a lot of experiences but unfortunately also we have lost newly added animals in the past. With the knowledge and experiences that we as well as other bison projects gained, the new arrivals will be monitored with great and specific care. In addition, as always the herd in Kraansvlak will be monitored on a very regular base.