January 31, 2017

Going off path not needed to spot bison

The last few weeks we see a growing number of visitors is not following the guidelines that are set to make use of the Bison Trail in Kraansvlak, the dune area where bison are roaming in National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. We regret this to a great extent. Traditionally this is a resting area for nature. Since 2012, hikers are more then welcome to use the trail and have the chance of meeting the bison and other wildlife. However, visitors should keep guidelines into account which are stated here on our website as well as at both entrances of the trail into Kraansvlak. 

Going off path is not allowed, and always keep sufficient distance (>50m) to the bison and other wildlife. We are very aware that our service to show the GPS positions of the bison on this website is much appreciated by many people. We hope we do not have to take positions offline due to the behaviour of some visitors.

The chance to see bison from the trail is quite high, the animals are often using this part of the area. So with some patience it is not even necessary - even forbidden- to go off trail. We kindly ask your cooperation, and wish you a lot of hiking pleasure until the trail closes March 1st (due to bird breeding season)!


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