January 31, 2018


Unfortunately, the last weeks we received more and more reports of visitors going off-trail in search for the bison herd in Kraansvlak. The Kraansvlak-area was designated decades ago as resting area for flora and fauna and going off trail is therefore not allowed.

In recent weeks we have repeatedly indicated that visitors must behave respectfully towards nature and follow the guidelines (see https://www.wisenten.nl/en/yourself). From now until new notification, the GPS positions of the bison herd will no longer be visible on this website. It is sad to take off information that is used in a responsible and respectful way by many visitors; our apologies to all of them. However, we must take this action in order to protect and to keep the natural values of this unique dune area.

The Bison trail is a beautiful hike of 3 Km through the protected coastal dunes of Zuid-Kennemerland. In this area a unique assemblage of large herbivores roam: European bison, cattle and horse. Besides, other wild animals can be spotted like fallow deer, roe deer, rabbits, foxes, … 

From 2012, experienced and dedicated volunteers are regularly present at the trail to provide additional information to visitors. This information also can be found on the signs at both entrances of the trail and on this website. In addition, as in other areas managed by PWN, Kraansvlak is supervised by foresters. Fines will be issued in case of violations. Despite all this information and dedication, unfortunately there is no other option for us to carry out this unpopular action of closing down the GPS-information. We regret this very much.

Guided walking excursions and photo safaris are regularly organized in Kraansvlak. During these excursions a PWN ranger will guide you in search for the herd of bison. The ranger will tell you all about the project and the flora and fauna in the area. More information about excursions (in Dutch) can be found on this activity calendar. New dates for wisent excursions will soon be planned.


Bison on Bison Trail