April 11, 2018


The annual opening - for the 6th time in a row - of the Bison trail in Kraansvlak during the past winter season shows once again that there is a lot of interest for the imposing large grazers that roam here freely. Over 5,000 visitors took this opportunity for a chance to spot European bison, Konik horses and Highland cattle in their natural surroundings using the special hike trail, marked with yellow capped poles. But also fallow deer, foxes, rabbits and other animals are regularly observed and have led to unique nature encounters.

Since the opening of the Bison trail at the end of 2012, almost 25,000 visits have been counted. Most visitors came on Sunday to the Kraansvlak area, which is part of National Park Zuid-Kennemerland.

A group of enthusiastic volunteers involved in the bison project have been present weekly to inform people about this beautiful dune area, its nature and the background of the project.

As during previous years, from 1 March until 1 September the Bison trail will be closed to the public due to the Bird Breeding Season. Yet there is still plenty of opportunity to see the bison and other inhabitants of Kraansvlak, for example at locations on the edge of the area such as the Observation point. If the bison are close to the viewing locations, the GPS position will be shown on the website. For more information, also for the guidelines to visit, have a look at this page.


European bison, konik horses and highlanders. Photo: Ruud Maaskant