European bison weekend in the Kennemer Dunes
July 9, 2015

Successful wisent weekend

During the weekend of July 4 & 5, a unique wisent weekend took place in visitor centre 'De Kennemerduinen' in Overveen. Reason for this special weekend was the return of our
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Bison bull Podryw. Photo: Leo Linnartz
June 17, 2015

Coming up: unique wisentweekend

Always wanted to see a wisent, also known as European bison, from up close and personal? Grap the chance during the unique wisentweekend on 4 and 5 July taking place at the visitor
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June 17, 2015

Second calf born in bison herd

At the end of May a second calf in the bison herd of Kraansvlak has been born. Now it is known that both new arrivals are males. The mother of the youngest calf was part of the
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Bison and konik in Kraansvlak. Photo: Esther Rodriguez
May 3, 2015

Eight year bison in Dutch nature

Eight years have passed since PWN, Stichting Duinbehoud, Stichting Kritisch Bosbeheer and ARK Nature brought back European bison to Dutch nature. The animals are living in the
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Bison at the Bison Trail. Photo: Ruud Maaskant
March 25, 2015

Successful third year for Bison Trail

The past months the Bison Trail in Kraansvlak has been visited by public for nearly 3800 times. The trail is currently closed, like every year, and opens again later this year.
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Bison and its key role in nature. Drawing: Jeroen Helmer
February 22, 2015

Wisent and its key role in Dutch nature

Eight years ago ARK Nature, Duinbehoud, Kritisch Bosbeheer and PWN brought the European bison back into Dutch nature. Next spring, there will be a group of bison at the Veluwe and
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Bison in Kraansvlak dune area. Photo: Ruud Maaskant
February 19, 2015

Last week to use Bison Trail

Until and including Sunday March 1st, hikers can use the Bison trail in the Kennemer Dunes in Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. This trail is unique in the Netherlands because only
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25 years ARK: Bison
February 15, 2015

Bison blog

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of ARK Nature, one of the main partners in the Kraansvlak bison project, a blog series has been published about the work of ARK Nature
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Bisonseminar. Photo: Esther Rodriguez
November 21, 2014

Follow up first bison-seminar

On November 18th PWN organised a bison-seminar for fellow managers of natural areas titled 'Bison in Dutch nature: a seminar on experiences and future perspectives'. Several
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