European bison, konik horses and highlanders. Photo: Ruud Maaskant
April 11, 2018


The annual opening - for the 6th time in a row - of the Bison trail in Kraansvlak during the past winter season shows once again that there is a lot of interest for the imposing
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Dawn of the Bison. Foto: Jasper Doest
August 21, 2017

Bison trail open again

From Friday, September 1st reopens to public again. The herd is frequently seen from the trail, because the European bison visit the open dune area a lot. The European bison is
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Bison and calves in Kraansvlak. Photo: Ruud Maaskant
July 13, 2017

And then there were six

Within only a month and a half, six bison calves were born in Kraansvlak, part of the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. It shows that this dune area, where a herd of free ranging
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